Middle School 'Take One...' Project 2018

This year, Middle School's object is Guy Fawkes' Lantern. Guy Fawkes was caught in the Houses of Parliament in 1605 with 36 barrels of gunpowder, a burning match and this particular lantern. The Gunpowder Plot was a plan to kill James I, King of England. This was just one of several plots to depose the protestant King for his intolerance towards Catholics.  It is made of sheet iron with a holder for a candle inside. It has a hinged door which was once fitted with a window made of horn through which the light would glow. The vent at the top would have let out the heat. This vent is attached to an inner cylinder which could be rotated in order to conceal the light, and therefore the user. The lantern was originally given to the University of Oxford in 1641 by Robert Heywood of Brasenose College. He was son of the Justice of the Peace who arrested Guy Fawkes. It has been in the Museum since 1887 when a number of objects were transferred to the Ashmolean from the Bodleian Library’s collection of curiosities. After years of handling by curious visitors at the Bodleian the lantern shows significant wear and tear.

During the first three weeks of term, the form teachers are supporting the children's learning by focusing on three topics per year group. After these three weeks, the children are free to follow their own unique lines of enquiry independently, with the Pick and Mix Homework tasks to support them.

Year 3: The Guy Fawkes Story, Clothing and Transport

Year 4: The Guy Fawkes Story, The Plague and The Great Fire of London.